SBP Survey

We polled the 168 members of Salida Bike Park about volunteering, their riding ability, features they’d like to see included and where they’re from. We’re using this data to help guide the design of the park. Thanks to all who’ve signed up and here’s what the numbers look like:

Location Ability FeaturesVolunteerism

Claudio Caluori Red Bull Rampage Preview

If you don’t know Claudio Caluori this is a great introduction. He’s a super accomplished downhill racer who now does announcing for the UCI World Cups. Half the fun of the coverage is listening to him prattle on in his grover voice while he GoPros you through some sick DH course. Here he is giving the Red Bull Rampage course a go… if anything can convey the true terror that is Rampage it’s a World Cup Downhiller scared out of his wits.

One Week Later

The Salida Bike Park website has been active for just one week. In that time over 70 people have signed up to be a part of it. Everyone from parents of small children to expert huckers have taken a few minutes to give us their feedback on what a great bike park should be. Just wanted to let you all know we hear you loud and clear and we’ll keep it moving forward… you keep spreading the word. — Thanks SBP

In case you missed it here’s Brandon Semenuk’s one take wonder in California. We may not get all that incredible dirt, but we’ll try.

John Hickenlooper commits $100 million to making CO the best biking state.

Governor Hickenlooper addressed the Interbike conference in Las Vegas today vowing to spend $100 million dollars to make Colorado even better for bikes. “Biking can be such a positive force and I think being the best biking state is going to fuel economic growth and tourism, it’s going to lead us toward a cleaner environment and it’s going to help us be the healthiest state in America”

Salida Bike Park only wants 10%… is that asking too much?

Read the full Denver Post article here

Warming Up

Well we have to start somewhere and it might as well be here. This is the place you’ll learn about recent developments, fundraising efforts, grant applications, volunteering — the whole shebang. Please check back regularly as we’ll be working hard to make this a site you have to check with every day. For now go ride your bike and we’ll be back in touch.