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The FALL 2022 — SKI & BIKE SWAP was a huge success, loads of fun and a reminder of what an AMAZING community this is. We raised more than $5,500 for the future SALIDA BIKE PARK. A big shout out to everyone who helped make it such a great event including: 

Volunteers: Scouts from Troop 60 who gave up there Saturday. School Staff Deb, Janine, David, Will and Cassie who probably wanted to be at school on a Saturday even less than the Scouts. To the Bakers Peggy, Diane, Susan, Christine, Darcy, Clara, Beth S. and Beth P. for making delicious snacks and to Gato Coffee for keeping everyone caffeinated. 

VendorsAbsolute BikesOveja NegraMt. Shavano Ski Shop, Buena Vista Bike Co, and all of the other groups and individuals who got tables — more than 30 in all. We appreciate your patience while we got the gym snafu sorted and for being flexible on table shortages and locations. Special thanks to Tom Palka who proposed and ran the community table for folks who only had one or two items to sell.

Businesses and Individuals who donated items to help fundraise: Badfish, Monarch, Woods Distillery, Dirtlabs, the Velveteen, Moonlight, Colorado Sports Recycler, Chris Nacarrato, Absolute & Pivot CyclesChill Salida, Salida Boulders and Gato Coffee.

And thank you to Sacha Halenda, Diane French and Amato Halenda who put countless hours into making the whole shebang happen (the family who fundraises together shreds the bike park together). 

Salida Bike Park will host a SKI & BIKE SWAP at Salida High School on Saturday October 29th, 2022
A $5 suggested donation gets you into the swap to mingle with friends, peruse the wares and freshen up your gear scene. Is your closet or garage busting at the seams with ski and/or bike items you’ve been meaning to unload? Grab a table at the swap
($50, details below) and let that gear make someone else super happy.


A suggested $5 donation gets you in to the Swap. You can always make an additional donation, too, since all proceeds go to the bike park. Please bring cash for entry so we can keep the entry line moving!

All purchases and transactions on the day of the swap are between sellers and buyers. Salida Bike Park is in no way responsible for any costs, fees or taxes for the sale of goods and offers no returns, replacements or warranty of any kind expressed or implied. How sellers price items, negotiate sales and accept payment for goods is up to the seller. Unless otherwise specified, are sales are final and as is. 


Sign up a table for and sell your gear. For $50, we’ll provide an  8ft table and an area of about 8 feet x 8 feet around the table. . If you need more space, you can reserve two  ($100) which is a space of 16 feet wide x 8 feet deep. If you have gear to sell but not enough to justify the $50, you can go in on a table with a friend or two — that’s cool. Please do NOT sell anything without a table.  That’s not cool.

Salida Bike Park is in no way connected to, involved in or responsible for any aspect of seller sales transactions on the day of the Swap. How sellers price items, negotiate sales and receive payment for goods is between them and the buyers. Salida Bike Park will post a statement at the door that says, “Unless otherwise specified, all sales are final and as is. Vendors and Salida Bike Park do not offer a warranty expressed or implied.” Sellers are welcome to offer a warranty, accept returns, etc, but that will be between them and their customers.

The venue is Salida High School at: 26 Jones Avenue, Salida CO 81201  Swap hours are from 9am to 12pm on Saturday, October 29th, 2022. The venue will be open to sellers for set up and break down for one hour before and one hour after the Swap (8am to 1pm).  Bring enough help that you can set up and break down in that timeframe. 

Food & Drinks

There will be a pop-up coffee shop serving delicious organic coffee from local roaster Gato Coffee. We will also have Baking for Bikes — a scrumptious selection of donated local baked goods. All proceeds from the bake sale go to support the Salida Bike Park, so bring your appetite.

Salida bike park TABLE & DONATIONS

Salida Bike Park will host a table of donated gear. From bike tools to skis to apparel,  all proceeds from the gear sold at this table will go to the Salida Bike Park. If you’d like to donate gear for the Salida Bike Park table — you’re amazing and we love you. Please contact us at